1970s Deluxe machine which was brought in to us because it "clunked" and occasionally locked up. The culprit was the nylon gear driving the stitch selector cams, but there was other damage to similar components. Gaining access to this gear entails stripping the machine out IN IT'S ENTIRETY. The amount of labour required makes it uneconomic to repair even if one can get spares. It is a great pity as it was a fine machine when made.
This is the drive gear for the stitch selector cams. It was causing "a bit of a clunk"
This is the main drive gear for the machine that takes the belt from the motor. It has failed where it is drilled to take a grub screw which locks it in place.
Jones drive
This gear turns the drive through 90 degrees and drives the bobbin. Once again it has failed where it is drilled for the locking grub screw.

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