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Who are Byson ?

BYSON are a Hertfordshire (UK) based outfit who repair and alter clothing and sewn goods of all kinds. We specialize in motorcycle and classic aviation clothing (and have a web site here) but also work on fashion and tailored clothing (details can be found here).

However, over the years we have developed an interest in the machines we use. It is always easier to be able to service and fix these one's self than to get someone else in, and as we started to collect machines we broadened and deepened our skills and knowledge.

As any collector will know, it is often hard to refuse a home to a sad or neglected item and we have built up a bit of a stock in addition to the collection, which we are offering for sale here. All these machines have been cleaned and serviced and are sold as working machines, not just as decorative pieces. We are not trying to make a fortune here so the prices are (we think) very modest. Machines come (where possible & appropriate) with a copy of the manual & a case & key. A range of attachments is also available.

So: What do we have to offer ? :

Singer Featherweight 221K 1955 in nice working order £200.00
Singer Featherweight 221K 1955, in very fine condition with lots of extras £250.00
Singer 201K, electric machine,1939. This full sized machine was Singers top-of the range offering, and this is a nice example. £125.00
Odds & Sods. Sewing machiny odds and ends £175.00
Frister & Rosmann about 1904, £35.00

Most of these machines are "old style". We specialize in the metal constructed era. Spares for these are in many cases still available and they are infinitely rebuildable. With the right attachments these older machines will do pretty much anything you can think of and will do it for ever. We also deal in the later cam controlled machines and in some of the pre-computerized electronic ones, but to be honest we don't find them as much fun. And fun is what this should be all about. :-)

We have taken a couple of pictures to illustrate why we don't like the more modern machines with their plastic (nylon) gears. The machine was a Jones Deluxe (also marketed as a Brother machine) free arm, multi stitch. It was probably a very expensive item when new (in the 1970s). There are four nylon gears in the drive train of this machine. The pictures are of three of them. Click here to look.

We don't rewire older electrically operated machines, so a 1950s machine will probably have 1950s wiring. We would therefore recommend having a machine checked out by an electrician before you use it.

You can contact us from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Saturday on 01763 848 949

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